Marylyn Donahue


Last Call To Enter 4A’s 2016 Partner Award in Health & Wellness & Five Winning Strategies To Guide You

The venerable American Association for Advertising is welcoming the return of its prodigal son-the healthcare agency and its clients-by including a Health & Wellness category in its 2016 Partner Award. Marylyn Donahue reports.

4A's Partner Award Pushes Healthcare Agencies Into the Spotlight

Healthcare agencies are being given a place at the table at ad industry’s top award shows. And while not close enough to rub elbows with the Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons of the ad world, at least they’re being invited, writes Marylyn Donahue.

Trending: Wearables and Invisibles

I can’t help imagining the cocktail party of 2018 as a scene from one of those a low-budget sci-fi film aired late at night. Imagine: A living room packed with people too busy to chat with each other as they balance their drinks with one hand and monitor their sleeves of devices and smartphones with the other - emailing, texting checking their wearable ECGs (electrocardiograms); glucose monitors and even insulin pumps.

Dental Health: The Heart-Disease Puzzle’s Missing Piece?

“At least she has her teeth,” my grandmother would say when gossiping about a friend. My grandmother had none of her’s and took her dentures out every night and put them in a glass of water by her bed.