Wayne Koberstein

Wayne Koberstein, a 25-year veteran of the publishing industry, is editor-in-chief of Pharmaceutical Executive magazine. In 14 years as PE's Editor, he has overseen the emergence of the magazine as the leading business and marketing publication for the global pharma industry. He has interviewed and profiled more than 150 top executives in pharmaceutical companies, as well as major regulatory and healthcare leaders, around the world. Wayne has also directed the launch of numerous supplements and other ancillary business for the publication.


The Blank Page

No greater challenge faces any writer than the empty page. To sully that beautiful white space with mere words can seem so arrogant, so pretentious, that one's urge is to leave it alone, in perfect blankness. To paraphrase an old writer's adage, just to begin may require lowering your standards-an act salvaged later only by careful editing.

Eisai Rises in the West

Tne product still in naming, a potential Big Pharma partner, and a foothold field force in North America-those were the works in progress when we toured Eisai Co.'s headquarters and operations in Japan a few years ago.

Wintertime Stew

We all feast from the same kettle-and this season, we're not just feasting; we're swimming in a war-fired stew of events and issues.


Don't try this at home. That ought to be the common lesson we draw from most examples of pharma's current performance in the public arena.