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Abbott Announces New High Protein Weight Loss Shake


The shake is designed to work with regular dieters and those taking weight loss medications.

Abbott Protality

Abbott Protality

Abbott announced the launch of a new brand of protein shakes named Protality. While there are plenty of protein shakes on the market, these particular shakes are designed to be used by people taking weight loss drugs.1

Over the past year, weigh loss or anti-obesity drugs have seen an increase in popularity and awareness. Often times, people using these medications will note a loss of appetite, which obviously goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. Unfortunately, not all of that weight loss is necessarily good.

Typically, when people lose weight, they lose a combination of both muscle and fat. While fat burning is generally desired, muscle loss is not. According to Abbott’s press release, 11-50% of the weight lost by dieters can be made up of muscle.

To avoid this, dieters should increase the amount of protein that they’re ingesting. While it won’t completely negate the effects of dieting on muscle loss, it will generally significantly reduce the impact.

In a press release, division vice president of nutrition research and development at Abbott Hakim Bouzamondo, MD, MSC, MBA, said, “'It's critical for adults on weight loss regimens to prioritize good nutrition to ensure they get enough micronutrients and protein to preserve muscle mass while consuming limited calories. We’ve studied muscle health and nutrition for decades at Abbott. We understand that a weight loss journey can be challenging, which is why we're launching the Protality brand to give adults nutritional products with an excellent source of high-quality protein and nutrients to support muscle health.''

Protality contains 30 grams of protein per 150 calorie serving. A serving also contains 1 gram of sugar and 4 grams of fiber. They also contain 25 vitamins and minerals, along with 8 B vitamins that can benefit metabolism.

It’s not uncommon for dieters to complain that it’s difficult to find enough protein to eat during the day. Part of the aim of diet shakes like Protality is to provide dieters with a quick and easy source of protein. At 30 grams of protein, each shake provides a full meal’s worth of protein, while only adding 150 calories to the dieter’s daily intake.

Aside from having a positive impact on muscle retention, increased protein consumption can also help dieters feel fuller for longer. Since it’s key for dieters to eat at a calorie deficit, consuming foods that help prevent or decrease hunger pangs.

Abbot’s medical director and obesity specialist Dominique R. Williams said in a press release, “We've learned from people on weight loss journeys—including those on GLP-1 medications—that they experience decreased appetite and thoughts of food. Whether it's due to decreased appetite or a busy schedule, it can be difficult for people losing weight to get the protein, vitamins, and minerals they need to support their unique health goals. Our Protality brand provides a nutrient-dense option designed to address gaps that may result in their diets.''

Protality is available online at Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger, and will be available in stores between February and May of 2024. These chains include Kroger, ShopRite, Albertsons, CVS, Walmart, Publix, and Meijer.


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