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Ad Stars: GSW Worldwide (Tamiflu)


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agency: GSW Worldwide
brand: Tamiflu
client: Roche
photo from left: Bruce Rooke, chief creative officer • Scott Tannenbaum, SVP, director of client services

An unbranded campaign can help move the mark, especially when you've got adorable computer-animated penguins from the movie Happy Feet as the stars. Roche and GSW licensed the cute critters from Warner Bros., and then used them to reach beyond Big Pharma's usual sphere of influence—right into the American multiplex, where they could target mothers and children at the same time during the flu season.

The execution of the pre-movie commercials wasn't easy: "There were a lot of moving pieces and parts to this," says GSW's Scott Tannenbaum. "We licensed music from Stevie Wonder. We had to get him to approve it, Roche to approve it, and Warner Bros. to approve it. It was complex but clearly well worth the effort." The result? Great traffic for the campaign Web site, FluFacts.com, and great sales for Tamiflu.


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