Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharm Exec's 14th Annual Industry Audit

September 15, 2015

After a sharp spike in revenues, this year’s audit finds our 25 companies doubling down to secure the operational efficiencies that promise to better align with an increasingly tightfisted payer community. Never before has market relevance been so firmly linked to customer reputation.

Pharmaceutical Executive

Open Payments: Key Compliance Considerations

September 13, 2015

On June 30, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the first full year of data under The Affordable Care Act’s transparency program, also known as Open Payments or the "Sunshine Act." This included approximately 11.4 million records totaling about $6.5 billion in payments made to 607,000 physicians and 1,121 teaching hospitals by 1,444 reporting entities during 2014. Combined with CMS’s September 2014 release of 2013 data for the period Aug. 1, 2013 through Dec.

Hot and Cold: Biotech M&A and Financial Trends

May 26, 2015

The overall impression from the media is that the biotech industry is doing a great job inventing new drugs and treatments and that strong companies are getting the funding they need. But it's not that clear cut, writes Peter Young.