Supply Chain

The Pharma Supply Chain: Responding to COVID-19

July 01, 2020

Pharmaceutical Executive

Taking stock of evolving practices in protecting the supply chain amid the pandemic, including partnering and planning for what’s next.

What You Need to Know about the Drug Supply Chain Security Act

March 18, 2020

It is vital to begin asking questions about your company’s DSCSA readiness and compliance, as well as that of your strategic partners, writes Rob Besse.

Tackling Drug Shortages through Robust Supply Chains

March 12, 2020

MilliporeSigma's Robert McGuirk speaks with Pharma Exec about the role of supply chain robustness in helping to mitigate the risk of drug shortages

Policy Sync-Up: The Drug Importation Conundrum

October 08, 2019

Pharmaceutical Executive

Coexisting with the DSCSA may hinder new legislative efforts.

High-Stakes Manufacturing: Mitigating the Risks

August 08, 2019

Pharmaceutical Executive

How to navigate the production and reimbursement intricacies of bringing regenerative medicines from bench to bedside.

8 Tipping Points: Pharm Exec’s 2019 Industry Forecast

January 23, 2019

Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharm Exec’s annual look at what lies ahead for the biopharma industry in the coming months examines eight key trends that are seemingly at tipping points in their evolution and poised to shape the life sciences landscape in 2019.

The ‘Spare-No-Expense’ Alternative

September 13, 2018

Pharmaceutical Executive

How low-cost drugs can succeed in the specialty pharmacy channel.

Specialty Supply Chain Decisions

September 11, 2018

Pharmaceutical Executive

In today’s drug development environment, there is no doubt that supply chain decisions are paramount in a product launch strategy, writes Lisa Henderson.

Blockchain 101 for Pharma Executives

July 09, 2018

Pharmaceutical Executive

With blockchain still in the potential but not proven area of the pharma enterprise, when is the technology the right choice for you?

Accenture and DHL Release Blockchain Report

March 29, 2018

Pharmaceutical Executive