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Aktana Releases Study On Physician Engagement


Over half of life sciences companies are not fully optimizing HCP engagement, according to the study.

Aktana, an AI company focused on the life sciences industry, revealed the results of a study on HCP engagement across touchpoints. The study, titled “The State of Omnichannel HCP Engagement in Pharma: Where the Industry Stands in 2022,” surveyed 50 industry executives across digital, brand marketing, field sales, and data analytics.

While 98% of the respondents said that they found an omnichannel strategy to be important, more than half of the companies involved in the study are not yet fully utilizing one. According to Aktana, this suggests that commercial models are still gradually changing.

“After decades of a go-to-market approach defined by best-guess strategies and appealing to physicians as a monolithic group, we’re finally flipping the script,” said Derek Choy, president of Aktana. “Today, it’s a strategic imperative for brands to transform the HCP experience into a seamless, cross-channel journey that’s personalized to a segment of one. With so many more options for engagement, organizations also need a scalable way to prioritize actions with the highest impact, refine strategies and focus valuable resources where they’ll deliver the greatest ROI. None of this is possible without AI.”

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