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Brazilian Healthtech Memed launches Innovative e-Prescription Platform


Brazil's fastest growing and largest digital health company in terms of user base, volumes & partnerships - has raised US$80 million in the past twelve months and recently launched a set of digitally integrated care pathways as a result of a new strategy implemented by its CEO Joel Rennó Jr. Memed is backed by DNA Capital, the leading healthcare investor in Brazil, and Temasek. About 65% of the proceeds raised are being efficiently allocated to boost technology, product, data science, analytics and clinical intelligence. The new strategy now gains even more momentum with the first platform ever that allows patients to purchase medication online directly from a Memed e-prescription with just a few clicks.

"Imagine how wonderful would be to receive an e-prescription from your physician, open it up on your smartphone, click on a link that automatically takes you to an open platform featuring a whole range of the best pharmacies in Brazil and, with just 2 clicks, purchase your medication online and have it delivered to your home 30 minutes later? That's what we have built to the benefit of our physicians, partners, patients and pharma retailers" adds Joel Rennó Jr.

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