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An App for That

Cadient Interactive

BRAND Symbicort CLIENT AstraZeneca

The key to surviving on the Web is to create an environment that users feel comfortable visiting over and over again. With the site "My Measures for Success," Cadient Interactive has created a fully customizable home page in the style of—but designed for the asthma and COPD communities. The site currently has over 100,000 registered users, making it one of the most popular adherence programs on the market.

FROM LEFT: Jill de la Fuente, media designer, Bob Holloway, VP/group account director, Marisa McGettigan, account manager, Beth Hartzell, creative director, (SEATED) Kathy Fitzpatrick, senior project manager (PHOTO BY SCOTT NIBAUER)

According to Cadient, AstraZeneca was against building the typical customer relationship management program—blasting canned e-mails to patients was not the answer. Rather, Cadient's program is designed using online applications that reside on the patient's personal Web page. And the best part is that the tools are really useful. Viewers can choose to see pollen counts, air quality alerts, and doctor reminders all on one page, which also provides a rewards program encouraging patients to continue with their treatment regiment.

"You have to provide value to the user to make them want to be involved," says Bob Holloway, VP, group account director. "On the other hand, the company has to see a value in [the technology] —something that actually helps people stay on their medication, or get to find out more information about the treatment."

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