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Echo Torre Lazur


Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive-03-01-2010
Volume 0
Issue 0

The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.

A Moment of Zen

Echo Torre Lazur

BRAND Oracea CLIENT Galerma Laboratories

For years, dermatologists have treated chronic skin disorder rosacea with very high dosages of doxycycline. While the treatment works well against the chronic condition, it also has unwanted side-effects. Enter Oracea—a lower dose version of doxycycline that is just as effective, but without the ugly adverse reactions. Echo Torre Lazur was handed the assignment of educating physicians about the effectiveness of Oracea versus the generic treatment, while at the same time shifting physicians' prescribing habits.

FROM LEFT: Jesse Johanson, SVP, account director, Shjan Santiago, account supervisor, Carol Stearns, group copy supervisor, Luke Waldrum, senior art director, Juan Ramos, EVP, exective creative director

In order to tell Oracea's story quickly and capture physicians' attention, Echo Torre Lazur chose the striking image of a beta fish as the icon for the brand. This was done, in part, because the creature shares a striking blue and green pigment with the brand, but also because it lives in a soothing environment that represents the polar opposite of the condition. Let's not forget that the beta fish is also known as the Siamese fighting fish, so its strength can be associated with the power of the dosage.

The ad also presents a double entendre: The school of red fish represents inflammation and the beta fish cutting through and around that school symbolizes a changing of condition. It's also hard not to see the red fish as the crowded field of dermatologists. With this ad, you can see that the beta has passed through that dense school of fish and is heading for calmer waters ahead. In that way, the subhead "Powerful change for the journey ahead" corresponds well with the visual.

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