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CVS Health Survey Says Mental Health Concerns Continue to Rise Post Pandemic


Respondents said they were concerned about their own mental health or the mental health of another person at higher rates since 2022.



A new survey suggests that people are more concerned about their mental now than they were during the pandemic.

In a press release,1 CVS Health announced the results of a survey conducted by Morning Consult in March of this year. The study included 2,202 adults and the interviews were conducted online. According to the results, there has been an increase in concerns over mental health.

According to CVS, two-thirds of the respondents said that they had concerns over either their own mental health or the mental health of someone close to them (a friend, family member, or co-worker). This number is up six percentage points from 2022, and 15% from 2020. It’s important to note that the 2022 survey was conducted during the pandemic, suggesting that people became more concerned about mental health during the pandemic. While the pandemic has subsided, these concerns seem to have continued to build.

In a press release, CVS Health’s vice president and chief psychiatric officer Taft Parsons III, M.D., said, “Mental health became a top concern in 2020 and it has only risen since. Uncertainty around the future, current events and social media continue to drive anxiety among adults. Our priority, across CVS Health, remains improving access to quality virtual and in-person mental health care and ensuring we have resources in place to address the unique needs of individuals."

Parsons continued, “Our increasing use of technology has helped increase access to mental health care–CVS Health has had over 43 million mental health virtual visits since 2020–and created a way for people to talk openly about the topic, reducing stigma. But as we navigate the impacts social media has on mental health, it has become increasingly important that we highlight its limitations and set guardrails for ourselves and our children."

This is the latest report from CVS Health that shows how people are adjusting to a post pandemic world. In January of this year,2 the company released the results of a study focused on how communities’ relationships with their local pharmacies had changed.

Prem Shah is executive vice president, chief pharmacy officer, and president of pharmacy and consumer wellness at CVS. In a press release, he said, “Following the COVID-19 pandemic, patients continue to turn to local pharmacies more frequently for health care services, because of their convenience and the growing trust they have in their pharmacy teams. To continue to meet growing patient needs, we must evolve how community pharmacy works and, most importantly, how we support our pharmacy teams to create a sustainable future for community pharmacy."

This report came on the heels of an announcement regarding new additions to CVS’ leadership team. In January, the company announced that Tom Cowhey had been appointed as CFO and Mike Pykosz had been appointed president of health care delivery.3

In a press release issued at the time, CVS Health’s president and CEO Karen S. Lynch said, “We are fortunate to have someone of Tom's caliber and experience already within CVS Health today and ready to take on the role. His experience in health care is deep and broad, and he will drive continuity for our strategy and delivering on our commitments. Mike is a natural fit to lead the execution of our health care delivery strategy. There is real innovation and value to be unlocked as Mike unifies our clinic-based and home health assets. The Board and I are fully confident in Tom and Mike."


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