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DeepIntent Becomes First Demand Side Platform to Offer a Patient Reach Guarantee


DeepIntent,a healthcare advertising technology company built to influence patient health and business outcomes, announced it will now offer guarantees on the number of verified patients reached across CTV, display, and digital video by programmatic campaigns on its demand side platform.

DeepIntent’s Patient Reach Guarantee offers healthcare marketers unprecedented certainty that their content will reach verified patients, as defined by medical claims codes, supporting their goals of improving audience quality and campaign performance. In 2021, healthcare marketers spent nearly $7 billion on consumer advertising, with programmatic formats like connected TV (CTV) quickly growing in popularity.

“By harnessing the power of privacy-safe machine learning with real-world clinical and pharmacy claims data, DeepIntent can confidently predict and guarantee how many qualified patients can be reached during a given period across formats. This is a first for digital campaigns in healthcare, which now can benefit from the scale afforded by programmatic trading with a committed level of performance,” said John Mangano, Senior Vice President, Analytics, at DeepIntent. “By backing up our proprietary technology with an industry-leading guarantee, DeepIntent is the clear choice for healthcare marketers that value verifiable performance at scale.”

DeepIntent’s Patient Reach Guarantee is possible thanks to the patented technology behind DeepIntent Outcomes, which links real-world clinical data with impression data to measure and optimize live campaigns toward audience quality (AQ) and script performance metrics. This unmatched technology allows DeepIntent to precisely predict the number of on-target patients that a given campaign can reach across all formats, including CTV, display, and digital video.

At launch, DeepIntent’s Patient Reach Guarantee is available for most common diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and plaque psoriasis, as well as rare diseases affecting smaller patient populations.

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