DeepIntent Unveils Fast Omnichannel Campaign Measurement Tool with Near-Real Time Script Lift at Digital Pharma East

Published on: 

DeepIntent, healthcare advertising technology company built to improve patient health and business outcomes, now offers pharmaceutical advertisers the ability to measure the real-world effectiveness of their entire media plan with the industry's fastest omnichannel measurement solution based on clinical data.

As part of the evolution of DeepIntent Outcomes™, the platform now features new measurement capabilities that surpass those of existing third-party measurement solutions, making it a one-stop shop for healthcare marketers. These features include:

  • Measurement across all channels, including linear TV, connected TV, social media, search, website, email...
  • The industry's fastest script lift and audience quality measurement for an entire media plan, updated daily
  • Daily campaign measurement
  • Fully transparent methodology and statistical measures
  • Reimagined dashboard to discover key performance insights and simplify decision-making

These features are now available to all pharma marketers and across all platforms and publishers, irrespective of whether they run campaigns on DeepIntent's healthcare demand side platform (DSP).