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The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi Announces Partnerships with Novartis and AstraZeneca


Both partnerships will bring new research and healthcare opportunities to Abu Dhabi.

The Department of Health–Abu Dhabi

The Department of Health–Abu Dhabi

The Department of Health for Abu Dhabi announced that it has formed a partnership with Novartis Middle East FZE. The partnership, which is referred to as a memorandum of understanding, will focus on two primary areas: advancing clinical genomics research for real-world evidence and generating evidence for research of radioligand therapy for cancer patients.

The announcement was made at the BIO 2024 International Convention.

In a press release, the Department of Health’s executive director of the research and innovation center Dr. Asma Ibrahim Al Mannaei said, “Novartis has been a long-standing partner to the Department of Health, and we are proud to explore these new areas of opportunity to collaborate for the ultimate benefit of patients in the region and beyond. We believe that this partnership will allow us to further accelerate the field of personalized and precision medicine across important therapeutic areas. As we continue to establish Abu Dhabi as a hub for global life science and a center for innovative research, we are excited to work in synergy with our strategic partners and combine our expertise in the pursuit of common goals."

In the same press release, Novartis’ head of Gulf countries Mohamed Ezz Eldin said, “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Department of Health–Abu Dhabi through the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership represents a significant milestone in advancing research and innovation in healthcare, particularly in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular diseases, and neuroscience. Novartis is committed to supporting the development of clinical research capabilities in Abu Dhabi, generating real-world evidence, and raising awareness about radioligand therapy. We look forward to working closely with the Department of Health–Abu Dhabi to drive innovation and enhance the Health Technology Assessment capabilities in the region. Our goal is to contribute to personalized and precision medicine, ultimately improving patient outcomes."

The Department of Health also announced at the BIO 2024 International Convention that it had entered into a similar partnership with AstraZeneca to establish a research center in Abu Dhabi called the Rare Diseases Center of Excellence.2 The center will work to improve patients impacted by rare diseases both on a regional and global scale.

In a press release, Al Mannaei said, “We are proud to witness another collaboration with a prestigious partner during our participation at BIO 2024. Our Emirate is already home to some of the world's most renowned global healthcare facilities, including four centers of excellence dedicated to delivering best-in-class care. However, none of this would be possible without collaboration. Under the directives of our wise leadership, Abu Dhabi has long realized the importance of private-public dialogue to address global challenges and advance healthcare for all. Partnership is a driving force at the Department of Health, and our latest with AstraZeneca will allow us to deliver on our promise to spearhead research and innovation enabling a healthier future for those impacted by rare disease, locally, regionally and beyond."

In the same press release, AstraZeneca’s GCC rare disease business unit director Ahmed Salem said, “We are proud of our collaboration with the Department of Health–Abu Dhabi marking a significant step forward in our shared mission to transform the lives of those impacted by rare diseases. Through this collaboration, we aim to leverage our global expertise in rare disease management by focusing on diagnostic excellence, comprehensive treatment protocols, and world-class patient care. This aligns with Abu Dhabi's vision of becoming a global hub for life sciences and medical innovation and we are happy to contribute to that."


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