EVERSANA Announces Launch of ACTICS

Published on: 

A technology-enabled solution combining predictive analytics integrated with real-time commercial services for the life sciences sector.

EVERSANA today launched ACTICS by EVERSANA, a technology-enabled solution to optimize end-to-end commercial success for life science companies. Combining the power of AI-driven predictive analytics with ready-to-deploy, real-time commercial services, ACTICS provides a cloud-based solution for pharmaceutical innovators to optimize actions in the product and patient journeys.

ACTICS is built on a data-mastering platform and cloud-based infrastructure, enabling the ability to combine multiple data sources into a comprehensive and actionable system. Through API-driven automated intelligence and machine learning technology, ACTICS feeds downstream alerts to additional cloud-based infrastructure, such as a client’s CRM system, to create actionable insights.

ACTICS can also solve specific commercial challenges, such as optimizing market access, evidence creation or patient-finding barriers. Clients can leverage select ACTICS capabilities, including project-based data science services, data accessibility and platform licenses for subscription-based modules and platform applications.


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