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FDA and Workflow Services Detail First 100 Days of Data Collection Partnership


The agency teamed up with the software company to develop platforms and networks to collect de-identified data.



FDA previously teamed up with Workflow Services to build out a program to collect de-identified data. Now, 100 days into the partnership, Workflow Services is releasing data that shows it has hit a milestone.

During this time period, Workflow Services says that it has increased the number of users on its platform, built partnerships with both industry trade organizations and test manufacturers, and built up its team, according to a press release.1 Earlier this year, Workflow Services expanded its leadership team to better serve the goals of its partnership with FDA.

In a press release, Workflow Services CEO Kevin Houlihan said, “The retail pharmacy setting is rapidly evolving. It's moving in ways and at a pace that it never really has. The FDA's Diagnostic Data Program signals that point-of-care testing in non-traditional settings is here to stay and will only continue to grow. It's why our team has been moving fast to expand our footprint, optimize our solution, and help pharmacies accelerate their plans to put healthcare and wellness services at the forefront of their retail operations."

Workflow Services’ COO Elise Miller Hoffman also said, “We are growing and adding team members with a wealth of industry knowledge, enabling us to be a stronger, more receptive, and agile partner to our pharmacy customers.”

FDA entered into its partnership with Workflow Services as part of a program to collect de-identified data. The agency is developing ways to both collect and transmit patient data while also being able to maintain patient privacy. This issue has become much more important in recent years as more and more companies are using AI and algorithm-based programs to collect, analyze, and sort patient data. Due to the unique nature of the medical industry, however, regulators have struggled to manage this data collection while also maintaining the legal requirements for patient privacy.

This partnership has a goal of expanding FDA’s ability to collect real-world data for analysis. For the agency, this is an important step in becoming better at identifying viral transmission locations and preventing outbreaks.

Workflow Services is a healthcare software developed by its parent company, ImageMoverMD and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.


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