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Fingerpaint Group Announces the Launch of Elevalt, an Optimized Omnichannel Solution


Fingerpaint Group announced the launch of Elevalt, an optimized omnichannel solution that was perfected over the past 6 years and features its 4Ps proprietary algorithms. Designed for use across all audiences and at every stage of the commercialization process, Elevalt serves as the foundation of the company’s data-driven approach to pharmaceutical marketing.

“Elevalt’s 4Ps proprietary algorithms––Profiling, Prediction, Progression, and Perception—work in tandem to evaluate and continuously optimize the performance of assets against precisely defined target audiences, automatically ensuring the next best personalized asset is being delivered,” said Rommel Fernandez, Chief Analytics Officer at Fingerpaint Group. “It is the closest you can come to replicating personal outreach in a digital world.”

Progressively built and fine-tuned over the past 6 years, Elevalt can quickly identify what’s working and how to best personalize messaging from the very first exposure, while leveraging an intricate customer profile.

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