Indegene Launches Invisage, a New Omnichannel Sales and Marketing Platform

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Program designed to aid life science organizations in improving go-to-market strategy.

Indegene has officially launched Invisage, its new sales and marketing program. Aimed at helping life science companies optimize their go-to-market models, the technology reportedly delivers personalized outcomes to healthcare professionals (HCPs) by leveraging data from over two million HCPs with over 200 million interactions.


Indegene describes Invisage as an integrated hybrid omnichannel platform that combines data, AI-driven scientific modeling, and strategic insights to deploy digital campaigns and partner digital channels with a sales force to expand HCP reach and optimize interactions.

“We are excited to introduce Invisage to the market and enable life sciences companies to effectively reach HCPs, powered by Indegene’s AI-driven platform and our team of experts,” said Nancy Phelan, SVP, omnichannel activation, Indegene. “Invisage paves the way for companies to seamlessly transition to and sustain a hybrid model, knowing that this modern approach can provide HCPs the personalized information they need to deliver improved patient outcomes.”

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