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IQVIA Launches OCE+ To Deliver Enhanced AI-Driven Customer Engagement


OCE+ uses IQVIA’s industry-leading data and advanced analytics to deliver AI-driven recommendations directly into the daily workflows of life sciences commercial teams. This provides commercial teams with HCP-specific actions to take, such as recommending the best time to engage and the best method of contact. Recommendations are delivered directly through the OCE platform, providing a simplified and seamless user experience.

“The ability to use and harmonize data across different networks and systems continues to be a key challenge in the healthcare industry. IQVIA is uniquely positioned to bring together data, analytics, technology, and AI/ML capabilities all under one roof,” said Sanjay Chikarmane, chief product officer, IQVIA. “With OCE+, our customers can make smarter and more informed decisions through embedded intelligence that surfaces the actionable insights they need, when they need them, to better personalize the HCP experience and improve business results.”

The seamless out-of-the-box integration of the OCE platform with the Next Best recommendation engine provides flexible and scalable access to meet all customer engagement needs. Users will find the workflow notifications easy-to-use with tailored recommendations based on contextual needs and clear rationale. Users can also reply with direct feedback to those notices to further fine tune insights. By enabling commercial teams with AI-powered personalization, decisions can be made with greater speed, accuracy, and confidence to improve the HCP experience and yield best results.

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