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Largest-Ever Industry Report Reveals Video Meetings 3x More Effective and Companies Using Them Most Gain Advantage


Veeva Systems today released exclusive findings on trends and effectiveness of life sciences industry engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) globally. The Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report analyzes activity from more than 80% of field reps worldwide and 130 million quarterly field interactions for a comprehensive, first-ever view into industrywide HCP engagement. Analysis of the data shows frequent use of key digital channels is vital for effective HCP engagement.

  • Video calls increase effectiveness: Engage video meetings are three times more effective than in-person meetings alone. Video calls are also longer and richer interactions than in-person, averaging 21 minutes and content is delivered in 85% of video meetings compared to only 39% in person.
  • Digital is a fundamental part of the mix: While the industry shifts back to more in-person engagement, nearly 30% of HCP interactions are through digital channels. Today, field teams engage 73% in person, 18% through email, 5% over the phone, and 3% on video calls. 
  • New HCP "pull" channel emerging: Chat and text is emerging as HCPs seek an easier, more direct way to reach reps when it's most convenient or if a more immediate response is needed when making prescribing decisions and helping patients consider their options.
  • Regional differences appear: In Europe, companies are using digital channels more often (38% compared to other regions averaging under 20%). The U.K. is using the most email to reach customers at 43%, compared to 32% for in-person interactions.

Click Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report for the full report.

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