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Miruna Sasu, Former Johnson & Johnson Executive, Takes the Helm at COTA, Inc. as President and CEO


COTA, Inc., an oncology real-world data and analytics company, announced today that Miruna Sasu, Ph.D., MBA, has been appointed president and chief executive officer. In her new role, she will spearhead efforts to drive broader adoption of real-world data by the life sciences industry to safely accelerate the speed of development and reduce the cost of life-saving cancer drugs. Sasu will also prioritize strategic provider and clinical research partnerships that will support evidence-based standards of care to improve patient outcomes, build health equity for all cancer patients, and drive down costs of cancer care.

Miruna Sasu

Miruna Sasu

Sasu joined COTA in April of 2021 as chief strategy officer and has already started building momentum for the company. She brought extensive experience in senior leadership roles at notable life sciences companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb. In these previous roles, Sasu built and grew organizations to organically and sustainably adopt emerging digital health innovations — particularly real-world data — aimed at advancing drug portfolios to benefit patients.

As president and CEO of COTA, Sasu is committed to making clinical trials & cancer care more accessible and affordable.

"I came to COTA because of my belief that real-world data and analytics can fundamentally improve outcomes for cancer patients," said Miruna Sasu, president and CEO at COTA, Inc. "My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer shortly after we moved to this country. We were lucky he was able to enroll in a clinical trial that saved his life. However, my experience is not the norm. As president and CEO of COTA, I am committed to making clinical trials and cancer care more accessible and affordable to all people regardless of income, race, ethnicity, gender, or geography."

"I founded COTA with the intent to provide our healthcare system with data and analytics to deliver the best possible outcomes for cancer patients and accelerate the transition to value-based care to make healthcare more equitable and affordable," said Andrew Pecora, MD, COTA founder and chairman. "Miruna shares this vision and will lead the company as we deliver on our mission to bring clarity to cancer. In her short time at COTA, she has proven herself to be a visionary, a mentor, and an expert in the use of real-world data in clinical development."

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