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NJ Doctor Becomes First In State to Use PathKeeper Surgical Navigation System on Patient


Dr. Lewis used the AI-powered device on a patient with severe lumbar stenosis.

PathKeeper Surgical

PathKeeper Surgical

Dr. Jonathan Lewin is the first surgeon in the state of New Jersey to use the PathKeeper Surgical Spinal Navigation System on a live patient.1 According to a press release, the Director of the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders used the device on a procedure for an 80-year-old patient with severe lumbar stenosis.

The PathKeeper combines infrared laster-optical 3D cameras with AI-based technology to provide surgeons with sub-millimetric accuracy. The technology is able to provide real-time imaging and navigation capabilities. The device was developed by Israeli medical technology PathKeeper Surgical.

In a press release, Dr. Lewin said, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to pioneer the use of PathKeeper in New Jersey. This innovative technology opens new doors for precision and safety in spinal procedures, without radiation, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life."

In the same press release, PathKeeper Surgical CEO and founder Erez Lampert said, “We are happy to work with Dr. Lewin and excited for the continued adoption of PathKeeper. We have built a next generation platform that should help surgeons improve clinical outcomes for patients and provide significant value to health systems."

In January of this year, PathKeeper announced that the device had been used by doctors in Connecticut.2 Dr. Shirvinda Wijesekera, MD, and Dr. Glenn Russo, MD, used the PathKeeper System during a spinal fusion procedure at Midstate Medical Center in Meriden, CT.

In a press release issued at the time, Wijesekera, said, "The PathKeeper system has an easy learning curve, impressive accuracy, and I believe there is significant value in optical navigation to reduce time and radiation in the operating room. I am excited to see how PathKeeper continues to develop their platform, especially for spinal deformity correction."

In the same press release, PathKeeper’s chief commercial officer Ryan LeBlanc said, “We believe there are several unique value propositions that will be significant for the future of surgical navigation and robotics. Critical areas of improvement are a more efficient surgical workflow, elimination of radiation exposure during the surgical procedure, and a more economical price point so smaller hospitals, ambulatory-surgical centers, and emerging markets can incorporate this technology."

Aside from developing AI-powered surgical systems, PathKeeper is working on other ways to improve spinal surgical procedures. In March of this year, the company announced that it had entered into a know-how agreement with the Mayo Clinic to research ways to minimize radiation levels during pediatric spinal surgeries.3

At the time, Lampert said, “We are proud to collaborate with Mayo Clinic. Our focus on accuracy and radiation reduction underscores our commitment to advancing spine surgery, and providing surgeons with the information they need to make decisions with very high precision."


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