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OptimizeRx Extends Omnichannel Reach With Cooler Screens Partnership


OptimizeRx Corp., a leading provider of point-of-care technology solutions helping patients start and stay on therapy today announced a partnership with Cooler Screens, a media and merchandising platform that brings the best aspects of in-store digital advertising into the retail brick-and-mortar consumer experience.

“We are opening new channels of direct patient engagement with Cooler Screens,” noted Steve Silvestro, Chief Commercial Officer, OptimizeRx. “This new offering will enhance the value agencies realize for their clients by working with OptimizeRx. Agencies and their pharma clients can successfully utilize direct-to-consumer strategies to capture patients’ attention with targeted affordability and medication access messaging in the pharmacy setting. Our focus remains on enabling agency partners to access more of the digital healthcare ecosystem. Through OptimizeRx’s growing solutions, agency customers are consistently discovering new and exciting ways to engage the entire ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders.”

Cooler Screens is currently present in 28 geographical markets nationally with more than 10,000 screens in retail stores and more than 90 million in monthly traffic. Cooler Screens has deployed their in-store digital media ad-platform at more than 700 retail locations nationwide, including Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger.

The technology provides relevant digital content to consumers on retail surfaces including the doors of coolers in the refrigerated and frozen food sections of a variety of retailers with pharmacies that have enabled the platform.

“Our innovative digital media platform in combination with OptimizeRx’s comprehensive suite of healthcare-specific digital touchpoints serves as a novel and impactful offering for their ad agency clients,” said Arsen Avakian, CEO and Founder, Cooler Screens. “OptimizeRx’s focus on enabling a comprehensive omnichannel engagement approach for healthcare synergizes well with our exclusive platform offering as an effective way to engage patients at the point-of-dispense with health- and treatment-related information.”

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