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Organon Launches “Her Plan is Her Power,” a New Global Initiative to Reduce Unplanned Pregnancies Where Need is Great and Disparities Exist


Building on Organon’s prior FP2030 commitment, the company announces $30 million in new funding to fuel global action and community-driven solutions needed by the 121 million women and girls who experience unplanned pregnancies each year.

Organon, a global healthcare company focused on improving women’s health, has launched a new initiative called "Her Plan is Her Power" to address the public health crisis of unplanned pregnancy.

Approximately 121 million pregnancies annually, nearly 50% of pregnancies globally, are estimated to be unplanned, leading to health risks and reduced educational and employment opportunities for mother and child. To combat this issue, Organon's multi-year effort includes a portfolio of programs, collaborations, and investments designed to fuel public health solutions, address inequities, and accelerate progress to help ensure women have the power to plan their future.

The $30 million initiative includes a planned three-pronged collaboration with UNFPA, a global sexual and reproductive health agency, a global grants program to support organizations working in communities to reduce unplanned pregnancies, and new funding and product donations to help improve access and outcomes related to unplanned pregnancy in select communities in the US.

Organon's "Her Plan is Her Power" initiative aims to address and overcome gaps and barriers to reduce unplanned pregnancies and empower women and girls when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health. This announcement comes on International Women’s Day and on the sidelines of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

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