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POCMA and MedFuse Release Analysis of the Complete Reach of POC Marketing


The Point of Care Marketing Association (POCMA) announced results of a study by MedFuse to provide insight into the complete reach of POC marketing.

MedFuse, a healthcare data technology company, indicates health care providers (HCP) with POC marketing have more patients and write more prescriptions. Ten participating POCMA members provided lists of HCPs in their networks which were matched against MedFuse’s real-world data. The analysis covered twelve-months of data from July 2021 through June 2022.

The study captured approximately 230 million and 250 million unique patients from medical claims and prescription claims respectively, representing approximately 2.2 billion prescriptions and 3 billion medical claims.

  • 80% of Rx patients are seen by an HCP with POC media.
  • Three out of four prescriptions are written by an HCP with POC.
  • POC was >5x more cost-efficient at driving conversions, as learned from a case study* which found POC drove 17% of the NBRx attribution with only 2% of the media investment.
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