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ProofPilot Announces Strategic Partnership with Savvy Cooperative


ProofPilot, the digital protocol automation platform for clinical trials, and Savvy Cooperative, the patient-owned public benefit co-op delivering patient insights, have partnered to create a turnkey model for clinical trial sponsors.

In recent years, some pharma companies have proactively engaged patients during the design portion of clinical research to garner feedback to improve overall patient centricity. However, some sponsors have had a tendency to rely on slide decks and written documents, with an overreliance on the imagination of patients to consider what might really occur during a study. ProofPilot's digital protocol platform allows sponsors to bring a trial fully to life by delivering a proposed digital workflow for consideration by the Savvy Cooperative community, embodying the trial experience in a way that is unmatched in the industry.

Jen Horonjeff, CEO & Founder of Savvy Cooperative, shared: "By giving patients opportunities to digitally walk through a protocol, it can help take the mystery out of the trial and they can feel more confident about their ability to participate. Patients who participate in clinical research are already going through so much. If there is a way to reduce their anxiety and make things simpler, we need to embrace it."

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