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Semcasting and PurpleLab Partner to Release Privacy-Compliant, Direct to Consumer and HCP Targeting Data Solution


Semcasting announced the release of a privacy-compliant, direct to consumer and healthcare provider targeting data solution through the Audience Designer (ADS) Data Center as the result of a marketing partnership with PurpleLab.

PurpleLab is transforming how the medical and pharmaceutical industry works with claims data to improve industry processes and provide consumer access for better healthcare outcomes. Tapping more than 98% of all payers and over 40 billion claims, PurpleLab harmonizes the data to identify critical events and relationships, among patient populations. Along with access to over 2.1 million healthcare providers, PurpleLab provides actionable insights to the healthcare industry.

Mark Brosso, CEO of PurpleLab offered “The key issue that brand marketers and their agencies of record face in healthcare is how to prioritize audience outreach while properly navigating the privacy regulations. With PurpleLab data and Audience Designer data management, we’re proactively checking both boxes.”

“We’re excited to add the PurpleLab direct to consumer and healthcare provider audiences to the ADS platform,” said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. “With over one thousand users already on ADS, the demand for quality health and medical data is growing with brands and their agencies of record. Being able to offer them access to the PurpleLabs’ rich data, which has addressed the privacy and quality requirement upfront, removes one of the key obstacles that brand advertisers face in healthcare.”

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