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Some Content on Content Marketing


Pharmaceutical Executive

Do I have the only e-mail inbox clogged with more and more content about content marketing?

Do I have the only e-mail inbox clogged with more and more content about content marketing? You know, content marketing agencies or software vendors sending content about how you, too can learn to do content marketing? Add this to what I get from brands doing content marketing, and my inbox seems like an endless stream of information I may or may not need.

Such as…10 reasons to buy a VOIP phone system. Three sure-fire ways to develop precise personas. How you can increase your revenues 50% by following these 10 content marketing rules. And so on. Allow me to list the 15 reasons why I’m afraid to open my e-mail inbox each day. Stop the train, I want to get off. I’m sure there’s a useful e-book that will tell me how.

I’ve seen the stats that say it’s effective. NewsCred recently compiled 50 of them. For example, 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site. Interesting content is a top 3 reason why people follow brands on social media. And, per dollar, content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

It’s not as if content marketing is a new approach. Inbound marketing techniques using information offers have been around from the beginning of the Paleolithic era. Learn 10 ways to kill a woolly mammoth. Download our e-book to make your own wheel. Mark your calendar for our free webinar on tips to keep you healthy until you’re well past the age of 26. Pharma marketing has always been content driven because brands are sold based on science and clinical data.

To a guy like me, it’s just become overwhelming. It certainly doesn’t seem like a marketing trend that’s sustainable for the long haul. Unless I start a new trend called Overload Marketing.

Al Topin is president at Topin & Associates, and a member of PharmExec’s Editorial Advisory Board. He can be reached at atopin@topin.com.

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