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Survey Finds 57% of U.S. Physicians Have Changed Their Perception of a Medication as a Result of Info on Social Media


A new joint survey from Sermo and LiveWorld found that 57% of U.S.-based physicians frequently or occasionally change their perception of a medication or treatment based on content they’ve seen on social media. Only 16% of surveyed physicians reported that their perceptions have never been influenced by social media. This change in perception driven by social media often leads physicians to change their prescribing habits as reported by 41% of surveyed physicians.

Pharma marketers increasingly understand the value of social media influence and are invested in the future of social media in their marketing budgets. In the survey targeted to pharma marketers, 94% of respondents said that social media is an important HCP channel.

The survey also found that 46% of physicians follow fellow physicians or other healthcare professional influencers on social media, and 56% of pharma marketers have included digital influencer programs in their 2023 plans.

Social media is top-of-mind for pharma marketers when budget planning for 2023. 90% of those surveyed have social media in their marketing plans for 2023. 50% of these marketers anticipate an increase in budgets for social media aimed at HCPs in the coming year, and no one reported a decrease in social media spending.

To download the full report, click here.

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