Synthetica Bio Announces Funding for Biopharma AI Platform

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Venture designed to streamline drug development and clinical trials.

Synthetica Bio, a healthcare technology company focused on the development of generative artificial intelligence (AI), has officially announced its launch and continued venture funding. With funding led by Virtue, and additional support provided by AIX Ventures and Page One Ventures, proceeds are expended to support development of the Synthetica Bio platform. The organization’s overall goal is to provide actionable knowledge to biopharma companies to drive drug development, clinical trials, and commercial activity in a safe and efficient manner.


"By democratizing access to insights from healthcare data we enable healthcare information workers to do their job more effectively, and in a more secure manner," said Simon Arkell, CEO. Synthetica Bio. "Our early partners are already addressing bottlenecks in commercial targeting with our unique 'co-pilot' approach to address the analytics bottlenecks that slow everyone down. While the healthcare data industry is now providing massive data feeds from diverse sources, the analytics remain outdated, necessitating large teams for even basic queries. Our platform will streamline this process while providing data privacy as a key tenet."

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