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Tackling Health Disparities and Inequities for Women with Heart Failure


Despite a similar prevalence of the chronic condition, women diagnosed with heart failure have worse outcomes compared to men. A deeper look reveals that among Black and Latina women with heart failure, negative health outcomes are magnified due to significant health disparities and inequities that exist in the management of the condition. To address this critical unmet need, Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company announced the launch of Hear Your Heart, a health initiative that empowers women with heart failure to prioritize their care. Hear Your Heart will provide unique, tailored resources and educational content, including perspectives from others living with heart failure and experts who treat the condition.

Hear Your Heart is specially designed to tackle the notable disparities in heart failure treatment by encouraging proactive, ongoing conversations and providing actionable steps for women living with heart failure, care partners and healthcare providers to help improve outcomes.

"Individual support will look different for each person, but implementing lifestyle changes, prioritizing mental health and ensuring associated conditions are managed with diligent self-care and medication adherence are just a few important aspects of heart failure care," explained Dr. Alanna Morris. "Improved management could also include seeking a second opinion, asking for a referral to a specialist or connecting with a local advocacy group for added support."

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