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The Top 5 Q&As of 2023


Pharm Exec spent the year speaking with some of the most interesting professionals from the life sciences industry.

Q&A: How Does a ‘Never Enough’ Achievement Culture Impact Your Workforce’s Morale? Planning for 2024 With Journalist and Author Jennifer Breheny Wallace

Jennifer Breheny Wallace, award-winning journalist and author, notes that C-Suite leaders should understand the financial risks of not taking action to address workplace burnout in 2024.

Reacting to Trends: Q&A With Leslie Orne, CEO of Trinity Life Sciences

Orne discusses the forces impacting the life sciences market and how companies are reacting.

Q&A With Kevin O'Neill, president and CEO of GE HealthCare, Pharmaceutical Diagnostics

O'Neill discusses the company's place in the global market and recent advancements to improve the patient experience.

The Changing Prescriber Communications Dynamic: Q&A with Caleb Costa, Chief Customer Officer at InCrowd

Explore the changing dynamics of healthcare professionals' communication preferences in a post-pandemic world, as Pharm Exec's Fran Pollaro has a no frills discussion about InCrowd's latest insights with chief customer officer Caleb Costa.

Threads, the Twitter Competitor's Impact on Pharma Marketing: Q&A with Justin Chase

An insightful discussion about how Meta's newest social media platform, Threads, is quickly adding another facet to the digital landscape for pharma marketers.

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