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Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive-12-01-2004

Magic Molecules

Cover Story

Magic Molecules

Michael D. Lam

Associate Editor

Analysts and consultants dip into the pipeline to select 25 products that are going to make a difference for pharma—and patients.



Forecast 2005

Will this be the year drug importation staggers the industry? Will the sales force keep growing? What's next in technology? Our panel of prophets answer these questions and more.


Unleash the Dragonc

Zhu Shen


All those patients. All those scientists. And all those US-trained entrepreneurs looking for partners. No wonder pharma is increasingly turning to China.

Medical Education

Conflict Resolution: A Pharm Exec Conference Report

Sibyl Shalo

Senior Editor

New standards for pharma-supported medical education aren't as impossible as they seem. ACCME's Murray Kopelow explains why.


The Ethics of Pharma

A Pharm Exec Roundtable

If ethics were just about telling wrong from right, it would be hard enough. The trickiest part, these experts say, is choosing between right and right.

News & Analysis

Leading Indicators


The managed-care backlash is easing

  • Malaria treatment Mosquirix halves infection rates in children

  • The European Court of Justice sympathizes with industry

  • Bidding for Warner Chilcott

  • FDA strengthens warnings on Mifepristone

  • FDA issues a guidance on RIFD.


Would you enroll your child in a clinical trial?

  • What biotech CEOs earn

  • How doctors assess journal article quality.

Thought Leaders

Mark Scheineson, a former FDA official, urges pharma companies to contest class-action suits aggressively.

Washington Report

Bush's re-election was good news for pharma, but there are still some important issues for the next four years.

Jill Wechsler

Global Report

In Britain, a new law lops another 7 percent off drug prices—by setting limits on profits.

Sarah Houlton

Legal Forum

Some courts are rejecting "grouping" of lawsuits against pharma. Here's why that's good news.

William M. Janssen

Saul Ewing LLP


Every day you get to choose the attitude you'll take. To succeed, choose persistence.

Sander A. Flaum

Flaum Partners

Strategy & Tactics

Direct to Consumer

It's cheap, targeted, and mobile, and people spend 20 hours a week listening to it. Remember radio?

Stephen Friedman

Interep Innovations Marketing Group

Alternative Media

Electronic medical records can enhance physician involvement in patient adherence.

Devin S. Paullin and Paul Foley

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

Marketing to Professionals

It's true—you can measure the performance of a medical science liaison.

Jane Chin

Medical Science Liaison Institute

Public Relations

Weakness in equity markets means that executives are making a beeline for the buy side. What's your strategy?

Brooke Wagner

Citigate Financial Intelligence


Have you checked all the basics? Check'em again.

Melissa R. Dull and Lynnell R. Wakley

P.S. Solutions


From the Editor

We all want safe drugs, even when we demand risky ones. That's consistent, right?

Patrick Clinton


Back Page

Can Vioxx be the catalyst to change how we manage risk?

Murray L. Aitken

IMS Health


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