The Top A.I. Stories of 2022


AI continued to grow over the last year, and more life sciences companies are embracing the new technology in a variety of ways.

Digital Biomarkers Could Reshape CNS Diagnosis, Treatment
AI drives new signal-detection efforts in Alzheimer’s and ALS.

AI + Social Media: The Intersection of 2 Contemporary Inventions Takes Physician Engagement to the Next Level
The two technologies are helping HCPs spread information and collect data in new ways.

Q&A with Jason Smith, CTO at Within3
Jason Smith discusses his work with AI-based data platforms.

Smarter Signal Management: AI, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics
What if you could predict potential safety issues before clinical development begins? Innovative new signal detection and management approaches have been developed to help clinical trial sponsors, manufacturers, and CROs combat safety-related challenges and provide insight to be used to predict potential safety issues even before clinical development begins. Applying those learnings to their choice of initial research candidates can ultimately mean safer medicines for patients.

Why Machine Learning's Potential in Pharma Relies on Its Transparency
Despite the rapid innovation of machine learning, correct protocols to ensure compliance and trustworthiness must be considered.

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