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Triggering Script Lifts: Strategic Imperatives in Real-Time Pharmaceutical Marketing


Data utilization in real-time targeting is a linchpin for success in navigating the intricacies of contemporary pharmaceutical marketing dynamics.

Harshit Jain, MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree

Harshit Jain, MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree

The recent strides in digital technology within the life sciences ecosystem have ushered in a new era for pharmaceutical marketers, providing an expansive realm for experimentation and innovation. Amidst the accelerated pace of drug development and delivery, the significance of data analytics in pharmaceutical production has reached unprecedented levels.

The strategic utilization of data analytics is enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to monitor market trends and assimilate patient feedback effectively. This, in turn, is empowering them to identify fresh market opportunities, diversify their product portfolios, and maintain a competitive edge in an industry characterized by rapid evolution.

However, organic script lifts by healthcare professionals (HCPs) still needs some strategic thinking, resulting is the life sciences industry claiming the position of the second-largest advertising spender across sectors. Hence, it becomes crucial to use data analytics beyond its traditional role in the early stages of research and development, utilizing it to serve the paramount goal of pharmaceutical manufacturers: improved drug sales. Here is where real-time targeting backed by data-driven approach helps optimize a drug campaign outreach, fostering improved script lift outcomes.

In this article, we delve into crucial strategies for the effective implementation of real-time targeting in the life sciences industry. Emphasis is placed on the pivotal role of data utilization in this process, recognizing it as a linchpin for success in navigating the intricacies of contemporary pharmaceutical marketing dynamics.

Impacting Moments of Care: Leveraging Endemic platforms for Triggered-Based Campaigns

In healthcare marketing, heightened HCP engagement is linked to increased script lift outcomes, which is the ultimate success in Rx drug marketing. Because the primary goal of any marketing initiative is to elevate cognitive awareness among HCPs and secure a place in critical moments of care, utilizing trigger-based messaging on electronic health record (EHR) and point-of-care (POC) channels offers a direct path to HCPs, ensuring targeted communication and personalized content delivery.

Trigger-based messaging tailors content based on specific HCP actions during patient care, aligning with individual medical needs and treatment progress for a personalized approach and positive response likelihood. Adaptable to real-time changes, trigger-based campaigns ensure current and impactful marketing efforts. This strategy aids HCPs in delivering quality patient care and allows marketers to capture the attention of relevant HCPs at precisely the right moment, significantly enhancing the potential for script lift. Integrating EHR and POC channels into pharma marketing is, hence, crucial for cost-effective, targeted communication with HCPs, ensuring precision and effectiveness in achieving marketing objectives.

Deciphering Real-Time Targeting: Pivotal Role of HCP & Patient Led Data

In the landscape of contemporary healthcare marketing, the strategic utilization of diverse real-world data sources, ranging from structured EHRs to narrative clinical data and patient-reported outcomes (PROs), has become instrumental in shaping campaign objectives. By harnessing critical data encompassing patients' medical histories and identifying HCPs based on their roles in the patient journey, marketers can craft campaigns capable of influencing decision-making during pivotal moments of care.

When executed in adherence to regulatory standards, campaigns supported by verified patient data, predictive models, and precision ad placement enable HCPs to be effectively targeted with messaging tailored to each stage of their patient's journey. This not only assists HCPs in achieving their primary objective of improving patient outcomes, but also allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to capitalize on the advantages of real-time targeting, ultimately leading to an increased script lift.

Tailoring AI in Healthcare Messaging: Enabling Personalization

Personalization stands as a cornerstone in crafting pertinent messages, empowering HCPs to navigate every stage of the patient journey with heightened insight. Leveraging the capabilities of AI algorithms, expansive datasets can be meticulously analyzed to discern HCPs' specialties and patient medical histories, facilitating the creation of highly targeted messages.

The process involves tailoring content to meet the unique needs of each HCP and aligning with patient treatment requirements. Marketers, through this approach, can deliver information that resonates with the real-time situation of the patient, thereby enhancing campaign effectiveness. This precision not only increases relevance but also elevates the likelihood of eliciting positive responses from HCPs.

Furthermore, machine learning algorithms play a pivotal role in continuously adapting and refining messaging based on recipient interactions. This dynamic responsiveness ensures that campaigns remain current and resonate with evolving recipient needs.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness: Optimize & Track Marketing Results

Upon executing a campaign according to the predetermined plan, it becomes imperative to assess its effectiveness and glean essential observations. This evaluation process serves as a foundation for strategizing subsequent campaigns more effectively, ensuring a positive return on investment. Real-time evaluation of metrics related to HCPs reached and engaged, impact on patient outcomes, as well as sales and revenue during the live campaign offers a unique opportunity for marketers to optimize their strategies for desired outcomes.

In the contemporary digital landscape, the availability of AI-enabled dashboards empowers marketers to extract key campaign insights in real-time. This capability allows for swift adjustments to the campaign strategy based on ongoing observations, fostering agility and responsiveness. This practice of real-time evaluation is not only relevant during the active campaign phase but also proves crucial post-campaign for a comprehensive and insightful assessment.

In essence, navigating the complex data landscape within the dynamic realm of marketing is not just a choice, it is a strategic imperative. The implementation of effective real-time targeting demands a holistic approach, wherein real-time data sources play a pivotal role in streamlining processes and facilitating informed decision-making for both marketers and HCPs.

From establishing robust data management practices to leveraging advanced AI-powered solutions and analytics and maintaining a high degree of agility, marketers can not only keep pace with the rapid evolution of the digital world but also establish real-time connections with their target audience. This ensures the delivery of personalized and relevant experiences, thereby driving success for all stakeholders involved.

This integration of technology with real-time data-driven campaigns fosters engagement between pharmaceutical marketers and HCPs, while also strengthening the life sciences ecosystem. This has the potential to enhance patient outcomes and treatment awareness, aligning with broader healthcare industry goals.

About the Author

  • Harshit Jain is a leading storyteller and a creative-data integrator in healthcare. He is an accomplished speaker and globally awarded healthcare marketing influencer who has been bestowed with the greatest industry awards for his pathbreaking work in addressing some of the biggest health challenges.
  • In 2019, Jain founded Doceree. As CEO, his vision and goal are to address the acute problem of rising healthcare costs by bringing efficiency to communications with healthcare professionals. For his work at Doceree, he was named Elite Disruptor 2020 by PM360 and was one of the 40 Under 40 honorees for Medical Marketing and Media’s 2021 class.
  • Jain’s other accolades include the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for GoodIndia’s first Black Pencil at D&AD Awards, One Show’s first ever Best of Discipline Award in Health, Wellness & Pharma category, 40 under 40 APAC marketing-communications achievers, 2017 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders of the Year by the World Marketing Congress and more.
  • Harshit shares his learnings and experiences of healthcare marketing in his upcoming book- ‘The Next Marketing’.
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