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Trying Trials at GC-2


Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive-02-01-2012
Volume 0
Issue 0

Brazil's clinical trial research is the country's backbone.

Clinical research is a gelatinous backbone of Brazil, attracting approximately US$140 million of worldwide U$40 billion spend. Speaking to early phase clinical trial research, Carlos Kiffer, director of operations for GC-2, notes that, once upon a time, "there were not many international development programs coming to Brazil," and that "Brazilian companies were not fully prepared to cover all the process." On the other hand, Kiffer says, "we do have the basics with good discovery and innovation environments, the challenge now being to bring these discoveries into products. We are learning, though, and a lot has been covered. One of GC-2's initiatives is our R&D unit, specifically though to help cover that gap."

Carlos, Kiffer, president, GC-2

This R&D unit is relying on strategic partnerships, to cover the full spectrum of R&D, but with a specialized look toward the most needed areas like laboratory, imaging, and early phase, and the current model only expected to expand in the future. "It is harder to detain all knowledge within a group or person, and collaborative processes tend to be more successful. GC-2 knows the risk of development and wishes to follow this path, to participate in the process from the very beginning, to help design it better from the very early phases, and also to share the inherent risks," Kiffer concludes.