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Utilizing Generative AI for Rapid Content Creation and Distribution


In this Pharmaceutical Executive video interview, Kaveh Vahdat, Founder and President of RiseOpp, explains utilizing generative AI for rapid content creation and how AI-driven automation of that content distribution has increased visibility.

Can you tell me about utilizing generative AI for rapid content creation across multiple platforms and how AI-driven automation of that content distribution increased visibility?

Essentially, what's happening is that content creation is becoming commoditized. Now, in the recent years, this has been a wave, in general that promoting content as gain more relative importance compared to creating content. So now, influence, for example, even social media now plays a much bigger role than it used to have like, say, how many followers you have, et cetera, right, you may create the best content, but you may have zero visibility. Now, let's say B, B, being able to create content at scale, this becomes even more so like in my opinion, the role of influence and promoting your content, comparative to creating your content, this becomes this skill gain even more important.

Now, that being said, you also need to be part of the generation that can create content at scale and fast. Now this is possible right now for a lot of things for presentations for of course, takes content blog posts for emails for ad copies for writing different ads for creating images recently, like open AI introduced Surah it's going to be like, videos soon, like so like or a wave actually of new innovation in videos. So, it's really everything. I have actually submitted patent even with the help of generative AI so a lot of that was it and I know like in universities right now, for these SBIR applications or STTR, etc., they use the antibiotic quite a lot. So everywhere. So, like in content generation, now he can escape. But the question is not just content generation, if you generate a lot of content that no one sees doesn't matter. So, while it helps, while it is still definitely needs manual supervision for each aspect, so you definitely need to review, it has mistakes. It also becomes about how you scale it. Now, again, there generally are tools for doing that part, to basically automate for an auto AI engine or do most like tools that they can do that. And they can automate. Basically, sending messages, automate applying for jobs, automate anything that you can think of right now, again, we then this huge wave of new tools, but I would say, the content generation piece itself, since it was so time consuming, and more expensive. Now, that is less expensive and less time consuming, it will shift this attention towards the content promotion even more.

Now, let's say if you spent so much time on writing a really good blog post in the past, and then didn't have more time to promote your blog posts. Now, you do that for much easier and faster. And then okay, so it becomes okay, how now I go promote my blog post where I share it or thinking of strategies, that, how can I now use this scale to basically build more following build more influence? So that that is really the question that like these days exist. And that is something that actually like, again, like so we as fractional CMO, help that we have different companies. That's one of the questions that we try to address. So, like how, how we bring this scale to like, scale the company faster and grow them faster, basically. And about just thinking about just content creation alone is not going to be enough. So, you definitely need a cohesive strategy and just system in place.

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