Veeva Data Cloud Brings Together Veeva OpenData, Link, and Compass on a Common Data Architecture

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Veeva Systems announced Veeva Data Cloud, a group of cloud data applications that includes Veeva OpenData customer reference data, Veeva Link for real-time intelligence, and Veeva Compass patient, prescriber, and sales data for the U.S. market. Veeva Data Cloud reflects the company’s long-term commitment to delivering better data to the industry, all on a common data architecture. Taking a new approach, Veeva Data Cloud delivers unlimited access to data through modern cloud software for greater flexibility and data that’s always up to date.

“Commercial excellence is about getting your products to the patients that need them,” said Veeva CEO Peter Gassner. “With Veeva Data Cloud’s modern approach and common data architecture, sales, medical, and marketing teams can work together in a more coordinated, customer-centric, and compliant way.”