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Veeva’s Digital Roadmap for Field Teams


Pharmaceutical Executive

According to Dan Rizzo, vice president of global business consulting at Veeva Systems, no one knows how quickly field teams will gain physical access to the HCPs, but the truth is, 50% of HCPs didn’t allow physical access to sales reps prior to COVID. Where the industry is now, in response to stranded field teams, is the need to optimize any digital engagement they did have. To that end, Veeva announced Accenture, Deloitte, and other partners will support the execution of Veeva’s Digital Field Engagement offering, which provides more direction or “roadmap” for customers to connect with HCPs digitally.

Building upon the company’s offering of Veeva CRM Engage Meeting for free to existing CRM customers since earlier last month, the Digital Field Engagement solution offers a four-week engagement outline that defines roles, responsibilities, tools, data and training for companies using other Veeva digital tools.

“Essentially, how do you crawl, walk and then run with the best use of technology that you already have? What expectations do you set for your sales representatives on facilitating conversations, making sure that you're leading with empathy at this time?” Rizzo elaborated. “What type of measurement do you need to get the right type of coaching and of where field reps are struggling with using this new technology versus we're doing okay?”

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