Lisa Henderson

Lisa Henderson is the group editorial director of Pharmaceutical Executive, Applied Clinical Trials, and Pharmaceutical Commerce and can be reached at


Derm Decisions For Younger Children

In episode 118, Paula Brown Stafford, CEO of Novan, discusses the company’s upcoming NDA filing for its topical agent for molluscum contagiosum, what commercialization could look like and her goals for the future.

Breaking Down Barriers

Dealing with discrimination and bias throughout her career, Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Christine Sakdalan has forged a strong leadership path built around a two-pronged mission—finding true meaning in the patient journey through market research and data analytics, and mentoring and supporting the development of today’s aspiring professionals.

Announcing Our 2022 Emerging Pharma Leaders

In episode 108, the rest of the PharmExec editorial staff join Elaine and Miranda as they announce and give more insight into the profiles they've written about the eleven members of our 2022 Emerging Pharma Leaders.