Veeva Unveils Powerful New Digital Tools to Enable the Future of On-demand Physician Engagement


Veeva Systems today showcased the Veeva CRM Engage Connect compliant messaging and content sharing capabilities at its European Veeva Commercial and Medical Summit Connect event. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) will now have access to the information and resources they need from life sciences companies when they need them.

“With Veeva Engage Connect, our field teams can quickly connect with HCPs in a more personal, convenient way through compliant texts, scheduling meetings, and most importantly, sharing patient resources,” said Deborah Sullivan, director, field force automation, Sanofi. “The app allows us to personalize customer interactions while giving HCPs a one-stop-shop where they can proactively connect with reps from across the industry for support that ultimately helps improve patient’s lives.”

“Doctors prefer interacting with reps and MSLs on their terms and are asking for more convenient access to information and resources,” said Bryce Davis, senior director, Veeva Engage strategy. “Veeva Engage Connect is helping deepen relationships between HCPs and life sciences companies by enabling simple two-way engagement across multiple companies and brands in a single app—advancing the industry toward a pharma on demand world.”

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