Vytorin Study Causes Media Stir, but Are the Concerns Justified?

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Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Executive-01-23-2008, Volume 0, Issue 0

Unlike Vioxx, Vytorin works exactly as explained in its now-famous food-and-family ads. So why are people up in arms against the drug? Experts ponder what went wrong.

Merck and Schering-Plough's announcement last week that Vytorin did not show any evidence of reducing fatty plaque buildup in veins and arteries stirred up a lot of complaints from industry pundits who felt that the public was misled by pharma.

There's only one hitch: The two pharma companies never stated that the drug, a cholesterol-lowering combination of Zocor and Zetia, had an effect on plaque.