Kevin Gopal

Kevin Gopal is Pharmaceutical Executive's international correspondent, covering pharma and regulatory issues around the word. He is also a political columnist for North West Business Insider, one of the UK's leading regional business magazines. He started his career as a journalist at SiYu, the UK's Chinese community magazine, before joining the PE staff.


Drug Promotion to Docs on the Defensive

Canberra, Australia-The Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association has denounced calls from the country's media and some of its doctors to drastically curtail drug promotion. APMA chief executive Alan Evans says any such move would severely affect the healthcare of millions of people in Australia and could even result in premature death.

Depressing News About Antidepressants

London, UK - According to the magazine Health Which?, patients fail to receive full information about the efficacy and safety of antidepressants, including the risks of withdrawal and suicidal behavior.

The Children's Hour

More than a fifth of the people in the European Union are age 16 or under, yet at least half of the medicines in use there have not been tested on children. As a result, the region suffers from a lack of information about the safety and efficacy of pediatric medicines and of off-label pediatric use that medical experts say could cause adverse effects and even death.

GSK Faces Bribe Charges, Changing of the Guard

GSK Faces Bribe Charges, Changing of the Guard

South Africa Continues to Resist Anti-AIDs Efforts

Capetown-In March, ruling on a case initiated by the Treatment Action Campaign, Save Our Babies, and the Children's Rights Centre, Judge Chris Botha ordered the South African government to provide the anti-retroviral nevirapine to all HIV-positive pregnant women.

MSF Exposes Malaria Myths

A new report by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) scotches the myth that the most effective forms of malaria treatment are too expensive for East African countries.