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A Strong Healthcare Ecosystem

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive-06-01-2021
Volume 41
Issue 6

A letter on the June 2021 issue of Pharm Exec from Chairman and Founder of MJH Life Sciences, Mike Hennessy Sr.

It’s an embarrassment of riches, really, what Pharmaceutical Executive brings to the table this month. Not only do we list the Top 50 Pharmaceutical Companies by 2020 revenue, we also feature leaders from the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the life-saving science that became the vaccines and treatments to fight COVID-19. If that weren’t enough, our Executive Profile of Michelle McMurry-Heath, MD, PhD, President and CEO of BIO, ties together the need of the biopharma ecosystem to continue its strong collaborations to support scientific innovation, as well as invest in diversity and practices that will help stem systemic inequities within global healthcare. We commend the biopharma industry for its scientific success in bringing therapeutics to the world. And we commend all of the doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly for their patients during this pandemic.

Now that we’ve reached a tipping point in the COVID-19 crisis in the US and more Americans are getting vaccinated, it appears life is returning to normal. To prepare for the return to the workplace, Elaine Quilici, Senior Editor of Pharmaceutical Executive, writes in her Leadership column: “A PwC article about returning to the office after COVID [states]: ‘Management teams should lead with empathy and demonstrate an understanding that while all of their employees have experienced this crisis, they haven’t all experienced it the same way.’ There needs to be a sensitivity to individual situations and patience for allowing workers to adapt to new ways of working.”

As we continue to bring our high-quality media products to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, please know that we support you and your employees as we travel down this road to normalcy together. 

Mike Hennessy Sr., Chairman and Founder of MJH Life Sciences

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