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Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson, Novartis


Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive-06-01-2008
Volume 0
Issue 0


Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson

VP, Respiratory Franchise, Novartis

SECRET TO SUCCESS: "It's the vision that I provide. I am strategic. I have passion and I care, so people will follow."

ROLE MODEL: Deborah Dunsire, who led Novartis' oncology business unit

Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson came by her global vision for pharma honestly: She grew up in Puerto Rico, studied chemistry and business in the States, joined Swiss-based Novartis, and later became general manager for Sweden.

Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson

Along the way, in 2001, she was tapped to head the launch of eczema drug Elidel—and like any self-respecting emerging leader, she ran with the challenge. "I aligned a whole launch team to deliver more than anybody thought the drug could do," she recalls. "That was a turning point in my career, because I had visibility at the global level."

A few promotions later, the new VP of Novartis' respiratory franchise is charged with growing the $700 million domestic market into a multi-billion dollar cash cow. But as a leader, Rosa-Bjorkeson (44) isn't only about results. "I want to create the best culture that supports a patient-centered focus with talented people who want to come to work every day—and I can pretty much guarantee the best results possible." It should come as no surprise that this mother of three describes herself as "big on quality of life." That's the kind of value one hopes will influence the next generation of leaders.

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