Wendy Niebler, Shire

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Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Executive-06-01-2008, Volume 0, Issue 0


Wendy Niebler

Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, ADHD, Shire

EDUCATION: DO from Ohio University College ofOsteopathic Medicine, MBA from St. Joseph's University


ACCOMPLISHMENT: Designed Cephalon's largest global clinical program in under two years

On joining the pharma industry:

I started out as a physician in private practice. But the scientific aspect of clinical trial work motivated me to join Cephalon, because I had a chance to not only run, but design, clinical trials. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. As a physician going to industry, you can miss that day-to-day contact with patients. But it's reassuring to know you can impact patients even in a wider sense.

Wendy Niebler