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Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive-11-01-2011
Volume 0
Issue 0

Know your strengths, then expand

Igor Kouznetsov founded Euroservice in 1996. From a staff of six, the company has grown to become the ninth-largest importing distributor on the Russian pharmaceutical market (Pharmexpert, 2010). To explain this success, Kouznetsov constantly cites "specialization"—from its inception, Euroservice has been focused on the hospital segment.

Igor Kouznetsov, Euroservice General Director

However, today, Euroservice is more than a distributor. Kouznetsov explains, "Over time, we began to think about the evolution of our service offering, and decided that beyond distribution, we could offer additional services to foreign companies. Euroservice was the first hospital products distributor to sign a contract with a foreign producer for product marketing." Euroservice has successfully marketed drugs for a number of international players, and is most interested in partnering with high-technology small businesses.

Kouznetsov invites foreign businesses to Russia. "We are open to collaboration," Kouznetsov says. "For like companies, we are strong partners both in marketing and distribution. We want to take products from the registration stage through the marketing stage, and see ourselves as a full-service enterprise."

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