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Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Executive-11-01-2011, Volume 0, Issue 0

Foreign player? Choose a local partner

For a Western company looking to enter the Russian market, the question of how best to capture value is daunting, especially if they go it alone. This is true for not only pharmaceutical but also biopharmaceutical enterprises, whose era is just now evolving in Russia.

Invar, a Russian company with over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical partnership, builds their business model around strategic alliances with owners of innovative products. As Invar's capabilities and experience in this field grew, the company expanded services to partner with large and medium-sized organizations, and helps them to promote their portfolio or future pipeline in Russia. This year, Invar announced its expansion into the area of biopharmaceuticals.


Ralf Vayntrub, company president, observes, "In Russia, we are living through a period of intense changes on the pharmaceutical market. Nonetheless, the majority of the transformations this industry is undergoing are positive, and interest in the market is growing.

To capitalize on the growth and transformation of the market, Western players need a partner who understands the local environment. In order to capture a piece of this pie, they need a quality, Russian player to collaborate with. We are very much open to such collaboration with new partners."