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Huma.AI Launches Industry's First Generative AI Platform for Life Sciences


Huma.AI, a healthcare AI company, announced the launch of its industry-first AI platform for life sciences, which is designed to accelerate the development of life-saving drugs through better usage of their data.

Historically, it has taken 10 years and approximately $2.6 billion to develop a new drug, with a 95% failure rate. This is primarily because 80% of the healthcare/life science data is text-based (unstructured) and siloed in 90-100 disparate data sources. The industry primarily relies on manual curation of data, leaving many critical questions unanswered.

Huma.AI’s natural language processing (NLP) platform replaces and automates such manual curation. It connects and searches multiple, disparate, unstructured data sources, returning answers to questions in seconds.

Huma.AI’s industry-first generative AI platform for enterprises leverages existing large language models to surface previously unknown intelligence. Going beyond ChatGPT, it analyzes private enterprise data from multiple sources and its “expert-in-the-loop” approach leads to the highest accuracy possible. Use cases include medical affairs (tell me what I don’t know), clinical development (better trial design), post market surveillance (systematic literature review and state-of-the-art appraisal) and real-world evidence (patient journey).

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