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Illumina Pushes Genomic Sequencing in Oncology at ASCO


The company will present research from multiple projects completed in collaboration with multiple partners.



Illumina Inc. announced the research it will be presenting at the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which is being held on May 31-June 4 in Chicago.1 A common theme amongst the research being presented is the company’s push to make genomic testing more commonly used in oncology research. Much of the research was developed as part of collaborative studies, and collaborators include Labcorp and the Sarah Cannon Research Institute.

In a press release, Illumina’s head of the Americas region Nicole Berry said, “Illumina is proud of our collaborations across all areas of the oncology, research, clinical, and payer communities to produce strong evidence to further enable genomic testing for patients with cancer. Through this continued commitment, we can support our customers and partners to achieve their precision oncology goals for the benefit of patients everywhere."

Shakti Ramkissoon, MD, PhD, and vice president and medical lead for oncology at Labcorp also discussed his company’s collaborations with Illumina, saying, “Through our partnership with Illumina, we are deploying innovative research opportunities that leverage the strengths of our respective teams. This algorithm is especially exciting as a potential tool to improve assessment of MSI status."

Much of Illumina’s work has been focused on comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) testing. The process is able to sequence hundreds of genes and identify relevant cancer biomarkers.

Vivek Subiah, MD, is chief of early-phase drug development at SCRI. He discussed the results of research conducted in collaboration with Illumina that utilized CGP.

"The findings showed that patients with stage IV NSCLC who underwent SGT received results for all nine guideline-recommended biomarkers only 1.2% of the time, as compared to 71.7% of the time for patients tested with CGP testing,” he said. “Our findings clearly indicate that relying solely on single-gene testing or hot-spot testing leads to incomplete biomarker testing, which can compromise targeted therapy treatments for patients with NSCLC. To ensure optimal patient outcomes, it is imperative that we transition to comprehensive next-generation sequencing as the standard of care for NSCLC."

In the same press release, Illumina’s head of oncology for the Americas region Pratheesh Sathyan said, “We're committed to delivering impactful research to help enable genomic testing in oncology care. The work being presented at ASCO this year, which includes research conducted with Eurofins, Labcorp, and SCRI, will help advance access to precision oncology solutions for patients."

Illumina recently released its 2023 corporate responsibility report, which focused on the company’s goals of accelerating access to genomics, nurturing communities, integrating environmental stewardship, and operating responsibly.2

In a press release issued at the time, Illumina’s CEO Jacob Thaysen said, “At Illumina, we are guided by our mission to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. Our customers, partners, and employees continue taking bold, meaningful steps to accelerate access to genomics, empower our communities, integrate environmental sustainability into our business strategy, nurture our people, and operate responsibly."


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